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This site attempts to present botanical indentification keys and checklists for use primarily in the field. As I reside in Maine, the site currently focuses on the northeast US. My interests are, at least for the moment, primarily non-flowering 'plants'.


Technical botanical identification keys have traditionally been text only, for better or for worse. The web was originally designed to present text and still does so exceptionally well. Any modern portable electronic device has more than ample space to store millions of pages of text. My field pack does not store millions of pages of books very well. Actually the pack does fine, my back not so much! The design of these field key pages means they should load even with a poor internet connection. The individual field key pages can be downloaded or saved for later use without impacting their functionality. While all of the keys do have a PDF version available, the field key pages can be easily printed or saved as formatted text due to their spartan design. I hope you find the site helpful.


2021 - Some page on this site is pretty much always under construction.


Thanks to Robert Rivas for hosting this site.